Our Youth Clubs

Youth Clubs

Our youth clubs are aimed at children between 10 – 16 year olds. We offer young people access to a wide range of learning opportunities and free fun activities like pool, table tennis, table football, air hockey and gaming consoles etc.

For children over 16 we offer a mentoring scheme where young people have the opportunity to be involved in the running of the club and help plan and deliver sessions. This is a great way of developing various skill sets and it also looks great on their CV.

We also have various talks and debates on real issues the youth are facing such as drug and alcohol awareness, the dangers of social media, bullying, inspirational talks, Sikhism talks and discussions enabling young people to constructively challenge personal, social and educational disadvantages they face.

Youth Club Objectives

  • Provide advice and support to young people on issues they are experiencing.
  • Raise self esteem and confidence among the youth.
  • Engage the youth in the development of activities and programmes.
  • Enhance healthy growth and development of young people.
  • Promote sports, recreational and social activities.
  • Offer Counselling Services to the youth.
  • Develop hidden talents and potentials amongst the youth.
  • Connect young people back to their community and culture.

Our aim is simply to unite and transform communities by focusing on projects which make a difference to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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